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About the WebMaster - Roger Baxter

I am just a fellow kidney stone sufferer trying to help others who suffer with kidney stones to better understand their condition and thereby suffer less. That is why this website exists. (You can learn more about that on the Website History page.)

By profession I am a retired Advertising and Print Production Manager — overseeing the production of things made of ink on paper (from business cards to billboards and from one-of-a-kind personalized pieces to millions of copies) for many years — who has developed a talent for and love of the electronic media of communication of facts and ideas via the Internet.

Like many thousands of others I have and am suffering from the loss of jobs to foreign markets in our world economy. The area of North Carolina where my wife and I live has been hard hit in recent years by the loss of jobs to Mexico and Asia in the textile and furniture industries which had served as the foundation of this regions economy for several generations. Finally that loss of jobs has reached the service industries including the printing and advertising businesses which I have been a part of here since 1977.

For more particular details of my work background you can see my online resume, an online portfolio of some of the work I have produced, and some comments made by former employers about my work ... and see the various web sites I have developed in more recent years by visiting my personal website.

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