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Why Be Concerned About Kidney Stones?

The most obvious reason to learn about kidney stones and modify a person's behavior accordingly is to avoid the intense pain which they cause. But the most important reason is because kidney stones can quickly lead to failure of the kidneys which is life threatening.

A kidney stone that does not pass on out can block the urinary tract. This blockage will probably cause pain initially. But if medical attention is not received to identify the cause of the pain and remove the blockage, the pain is likely to gradually go away over a few days time. This lack of pain may cause the sufferer to think the crisis has passed when, in fact, the kidney which has been blocked by the stone has shut down. If left untreated in just a few days this shut down can lead to permanent loss of function in that kidney. A kidney stone can even rupture the collection system of the kidney.

In these next dozen ad free pages you can learn about kidney stones, who gets them and why, along with their symptoms and causes, plus how they can be treated and even prevented. And I won't try to sell you anything — just give you free and reliable information like I have been doing for about 2400 site visitors each day for over 18 years now. So "Thank You" for visiting my information filled website created to help those with kidney stones by a fellow kidney stone sufferer.

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