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Alternative Kidney Stone Treatments

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There have been developed several less invasive techniques for physical removal of stones that will not pass on their own seeking to avoid the diminishment of kidney function caused by surgery. These include ureteroscopy: sending instruments up through the urethra, the bladder, and into the ureter to grab the stone and pull it out.

Another alternative method is the use of a laser threaded along that same path which is then used to vaporize the stone still inside the ureter.

A third alternative (called PNL for short) is to enter the kidney through a small hole made in the back and into the kidney through which the stone can be removed.

A new technique is call lithoclast. It uses air pressure to vibrate and break up the kidney stone. The the fragments are removed with forceps or flushed with water and then suctioned out.

And there is a long list of drugs, both prescription and over the counter concoctions, which seek to reduce the underlying chemical process causing the various types of stones to develop ... with some even claiming to dissolve existing stones, which have sometimes been reported to be effective in certain types of cases. In some cases taking the massive doses of enormous pills prescribed seem to be worse than the problem they are supposed to help prevent. And there are some cases where various combinations of foods and suppliments, or the avoidance of certain types of foods, have at least seemed to prove effective as well.

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