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Links to Other Kidney Stone Web Sites

The Midwest Stone Institute in St.Louis has treated over 12,000 kidney stone patients. Their web site has lots of good information about kidney stones, treatments, and prevention.

The Herring Lab (a major analyzer of kidney stones) web site has close up photographs of various types of kidney stones, a page with interesting facts about kidney stones, and a page with (frequently asked questions) FAQ about kidney stones. About 5 percent of the kidney stones they analyze are from animals other than humans! Their website has a listing of medical journal articles to read about kidney stones as well as a listing of websites to visit to learn more about kidney stones. They, also, detail the kidney stone analysis techniques used to identify the chemical make up of stones.

MedicineNet.com has a series of concise articles with basic information about kidney stones and their treatment including some informative illustrations.

The NIH (National Institutes of Health - a federal government agency) has a web page of information on kidney stones in adults including several basic illustrations that may be helpful in understanding this disease.

Another webpage with good illustrations of the various medical procedures done to remove or breakup kidney stones is hosted by Monterey Bay Urology Associates.

And this Japanese web site offers a small diagram of a lithotriptor machine

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